The World Creative Class first photowalk was a huge success in my opinion. Now, you all know how much I love photowalks (see this post). But what you don’t know is that sometimes I struggle with noticing my progress. Sometimes it’s difficult to see your progress until you step back and really look at the bigger picture, pun intended. I have been blessed to work with some amazing people and while they aren’t exactly all paying gigs, I can honestly say that I’m learning from each experience. The latest rung in the photography ladder that I’m climbing are these first set of images featuring Adri from the World Creative Class Photowalk.
One of my goals this year was to finally take photos on a roof. While this wasn’t exactly the roof I was picturing, the top of a parking garage was good enough. I absolutely love the height of the buildings in the background and the railing Adri is leaning on. They definitely create the aesthetic I was dreaming of when taking “rooftop” photos. They also give off this fashion model vibe don’t you think?
I’ve never really been that into cars, but photographing a model with a car is definitely something I can take for a spin. Now I’m not sure whose car it was (sorry not sorry) but with her outfit and the color and the sky and that building in the background, the scene was too perfect to pass up. The blues, teals, and subtle warm vibes of these photos make them absolutely delicious and I only wish we had more time and I would have taken more.
This set allowed me to work on things I didn’t know I wanted to work on. Because it never stops raining in Louisiana, I thought about taking photos using the reflection from puddles. I kept my eyes open for an opportunity and with Adri leaning on the BMW with a large puddle in front of her, I backed all the way up to capture this beauty.
This is only the first set from an amazing evening of photos. Over the next coming weeks, I can’t wait to share them and more of my experiences with you all. Please go follow Adri on Instagram and show her some love - @aye.its.adri     If you’d like to stay up to date consider joining my email list and following me on instagram @itslarryg
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